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this is the openmoko admin bugtracking and documentation server.

  • implemented as openvz virtual machine '' on
  • debian lenny
  • trac accounts are synced from as htpasswd (scp)
  • group wiki-rw should include only trusted users
  • group nda has 'WIKI_VIEW' and 'TAGS_VIEW' permissions in addition

provided resources:

used software:

  • trac 0.11.1 setuptools, global
    • installed plugins:
      • TracTags setuptools, global
      • TracAccountManager setuptools, global
      • local
        • finegrained auth (show only wiki-start for !nda users)
      • ServerDownMacro (hacked for css colors) egg, local
      • TracAutoLinks egg,local
      • TracHtgroups egg,local
    • sqlite backend (deb)
  • genshi 0.5.1 setuptools, global
  • pygments 0.11.1 setuptools, global
  • textile 2.0.11 setuptools, global
  • lighttpd (deb)
  • svn (deb)
  • apache2 (deb)


  • /usr/local/bin/
    • called by svn-commit hook as user www-data
    • checks for changes in trunk/
    • calls bin/ as web@… via ssh-key
  • /var/www/bin/update_trac_user/
    • called via ssh from docs after scp-ing realname and email-addr files
    • handles the import of email and fullname from docs
    • calls /var/www/bin/ with filenames of realnames, email-addr and trac environment for db-update


  • finegrained auth is tricky on trac. doesnt recurse groups!


update trac to 0.11.3