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openmoko lists fixed

we had some trouble with one of our vmhosts but finally lists and mail are back up and working (as far as i can see). please give it a bit to work down queues.

also please report any other troubles to our admin trac

we aren't involved as much in the community as we used to, so comments on the list usually dont find their way to us. tickets here do ;)

cheers from frosty berlin

  • Posted: 2011-02-25 04:30
  • Author: roh
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update time again

full round of debian updates again, mostly the recent kerberos fixes.

also i restarted the gforge vm which was acting up again.

if you are a GForge-Geek and got some spare time: please come forward!

some server updates again

i just updated the remaining servers. (just regular debian stuff)

please holler if i broke something by accident.

debian updates

Just a short heads up: there will be some short interruptions of single services as we upgrade our servers from etch to lenny within the next few days/weeks

so don't panic if one of the many services is out for an hour once aslong as you can reach other services of the site.

we'll holler when done ;)

-- The Openmoko Admin Team


This Blog is the Newsfeed from the Openmoko Admin Team to keep you all informed about updates/upgrades/changes in infrastructure.

  • Posted: 2009-03-10 08:29 (Updated: 2009-03-10 08:30)
  • Author: roh
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