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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Component Created
#1577 SVN Problem - now root of "battery" is missing accepted defect highest 11 years
#1810 Can't add comments to tickets new defect highest 10 years
#1435 Need to offer free copies of all content to End user assigned enhancement high 11 years
#1440 redo htgroups on varaha new task normal accounts 11 years
#1451 trac password-reset broken accepted defect normal 11 years
#1464 email2trac broken new defect normal 11 years
#1478 fix css breakage in gitweb-plugin new defect normal 11 years
#1499 Reduce the number of options for new users that file tickets accepted enhancement normal 11 years
#1508 Change sitename of Wiki accepted task normal 11 years
#1580 Change default owner of bugs to not be accepted enhancement normal 11 years
#1664 add support for limiting search to non-closed bugs new enhancement normal 10 years
#1774 update trac to 0.11.3 accepted task normal 10 years
#1579 Research and implement i18n in planet new enhancement low 11 years
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